Connective tissue massage

Connective Tissue Massage is a massage technique dedicated to superficial and subcutaneous connective tissues that is used to possibly locate, diagnose and help in treating different deeper pathologies.

The theoretical assumption behind Connective Tissue Massage is that an internal organ dysfunction could be diagnosed through the appreciation of an increased superficial muscles tone of the back and a hypensensitivity to touch due to interstitial fluid variations in the subsutaneous tissues.

Connective Tissue Massage helps the local healing of subacute or chronic inflammations and alleviates pain by draining chemicals in the tissues. It also benefits deeper tissues thanks to the superficial stimulation, due to an increase of flood flow and a pain reduction.

Specifically, Connective Tissue Massage might relieve chronic tension, increase mobility & flexibility and help posture. It basically involves treating the fascia, releasing it in the recovery process from various injuries.

It might also be helpful in alleviating chronic symptoms and/or neuromusculoskeletal disorders.