Heat therapy (fango-paraffin treatment)

Fango-paraffin treatment can alleviate pain and inflammation, soothe sore joints & muscles, enhance blood circulation, increase lymph flow helping the chemical toxins drainage process and induce a relaxation state.

A mixture of dehydrated fango (mud) and various parrafin waxes is melted, heated and applied to specific areas of the body that vary depending on the patient needs. This mixture contains various minerals and plants parts, offering healing properties.

During the treatment the patient experiences deep heat and relaxation with an associated driven sweating process and toxins release through the skin.

The positive properties of fango-paraffin derives from the combined effect of the high thermal capacity of the heated mud and the pure paraffin. The mud acts as a thermal, physical and chemical agent and because of the heat the skin capillaries dilate and, as a consequence, lymphatic and blood circulation improve.

Fango-paraffin treatment is used for the treatment of chronic neurological diseases, joints diseases and deformations and muscle traumas. As a thermal procedure, paraffin treatment relieves sore and taut muscles before massage, improving its effects; it also helps in improving joints range of motion.

Fango-paraffin treatment is one the deepest and localized heat treatment available.