Rehabilitation in rheumatology

A patient-tailored physical therapy program can help dealing with daily activities while managing a rheumatic condition, providing:

  • increased strength
  • better endurance associated with physical tasks
  • improved flexibility
  • reduced joint stiffness
  • ameliorated pain
  • reduced muscles stiffness
  • controlled swelling
  • reduced spasms
  • improved joint range of motion
  • improved function
  • enhanced independence

Rehabilitation for a rheumatologic condition helps in its management, even though isn’t able to cure it. In order to achieve positive outcomes we provide the following treatments:

  • pain management
  • swelling management
  • massage
  • stretching
  • strengthening
  • movement optimization strategies
  • tailored home exercise programs’ prescription
  • patient’s education on strategies to perform ADL without an excessive effort that might cause tiredness and/or frustration
  • patient’s education on physical, mental and emotional aspects with the target of achieving an improved sense of control and an augmented confidence in the ability to live an active life, better copying with the disease
  • hydrotherapy (pool therapy) that helps with arthritis, loosening joints and muscles and strenghtening through water resistance