Stefano Grosjean



Stefano Grosjean was born in Turin (Italy) on April 18th 1967.

When he was 8 years old, due to his father’s work, the family moved to Brazil and there Stefano lived until the end of the 80’s.

He has played numerous sports from football to swimming, from judo to rugby, from tennis to american football; he does not hide the fact that one of his objectives was to become an athlete. Sadly however, this suddenly changed after a severe road traffic accident, in which he suffered a fractured vertebra, luckily stable, it caused no damage to the spinal cord. His recovery was long and arduous, but oddly extremely useful for what would become his profession.

Not wanting to abandon sport he enrolled at the ISEF (Istituto Superiore di Educazione Fisica) in Turin (Italy). But the real professional revelation came later when he attended the school for Rehabilitation Therapy, also in Turin, Italy. There he fell in love with the profession, reliving the difficulties he had personally experienced, and fully understanding how to help others.

He moved to Switzerland in 1995, having finished his studies; and immediately started working at FisioSport Minusio. He also started collaborating with the Locarno Football Club, helping the player’s recovery, regaining their full athletic capacity, and their return to the field.

His work in the sporting field opened many opportunitiesto work with different sporting societies including Tennis Club Locarno, Flippers Team Locarno Nuoto Pinato, Virtus Athletica, Calcio Bellinzona; plus federation sports at local and national levels, for example the Federazione Ticinese delle Società di Tiro, the Soccer Swiss Federation (ASF/SFV), the Swiss Swimming Federation and the National Swiss Golf Federation (ASG). His immense pleasure working in the sporting field led him to follow post graduate courses in numerous sporting disciplines, from which he concluded that the principals used in reeducating athletes can be applied in measured proportions to all patients.

At the beginning of 2000 his then employer left the studio, leaving open the possibility for Stefano to become manager of FisioSport Minusio. To this day he maintains this role; at his side a team of physiotherapists that he judges to be splendid, a group that functions with a perfect spirit of team work, he is grateful for their constant effort and professionalism.

For some years he has been offered the possibility to collaborate with the SUPSI University as a teacher in Physiotherapy and Sport for the students of the final year for their Physiotherapy degree. He also accepted to be a spokesman in different conventions on the subject of recovery from sporting lesions, the Return to Play, he has also been a supervisor for the first CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) in Sports Physiotherapy, organized by the SUPSI University.

His relationship with his patients is the power behind his strong will to perform his profession, such that some of his patients intrigued to the point that they have too followed studies in physiotherapy, and for whom Stefano was supervisor for their thesis, for others he supervised their clinical placements, others have become work collegues.

Via contacts with some patients he found himself taking part in a few days organized by the High Schools in Locarno, on the subject of prevention and therapy of sports injuries; he also gave a brief talk on the same subject to the students of OCSport (Opzione Complimentare Sport), thanks to the collaboration with the physical education teacher.

Other than in Minusio, Stefano works in the satellite of FisioSport c/o CCMS (Centro Cantonale di Medicina dello Sport) located in Tenero at the Centro Sportivo Nazionale della Gioventù. There he has the possibility to treat some of the elite athletes from the SPSE (Scuola per Sportivi d’Elite), they also having their base in Tenero. From the beginning of this new adventure he found himself extremely interested and enriched following young athletes from numerous sports from snow board to athletics, from triathlon to volley ball, from basket ball to dance and from swimming to football.

Stefano is now one of the physiotherapists for the National Under 21 football team for Switzerland. He hopes that some of the young players he treats today may someday go on to play for the national team and participate in European or World Championships. That they may follow in the footsteps of their predecessors, who, accompanied once again by Stefano, won the World Cup Under 17 held in Nigeria in 2009.

Stefano has one more dream: to be one of the physiotherapists of the Medical Team that will go to the Olympic Games, someday.