About us
Our history

Stefano Grosjean, the founder, is a well-known physical therapist that serves the community in the Locarno area, other than multiple Swiss National sports team; with his widely recognized clinical experience he’s the FisioSport Minusio central pillar. In 2018 2 other physical therapists (Andrea Balboni and Sebastiano Nutarelli), previously hired by him, other than continuing working with him and the rest of the team at FisioSport, joined Stefano as co-founders of the partner phyical therapy center Sports Rehab in Lugano.

Since its creation in the year 2000, FisioSport Minusio supports patients in their recovery from symptoms, pathologies, injuries and surgeries through a variety of physical therapy approaches and treatments offered over 2 locations in Minusio and c/o CCMS (Centro Cantonale di Medicina dello Sport) located inside the CST (Centro Sportivo della Gioventù) in Tenero, plus – thanks to the partnership with the Sports Rehab Lugano physical therapy center – also in Lugano. Patients’ symptoms can arise as the consequence of a trauma, a pathology or following surgical procedures and the provided care at FisioSport Minusio has progressively become Evidence-Based, with strong and solid roots on published scientific research.

Thanks to the current multiple therapeutic approaches and to the experience of our team of physical therapists, FisioSport can help you through healing and the rehabilitative process.

Depending on the single patient’s case, we offer musculoskeletal and sports physical therapy, sport massages, lymphatic drainage, Pilates, a variety of modalities and much more. Please check our services for additional and more detailed information.

FisioSport Minusio is a Swiss Physical Therapy Association (Physioswiss) and Swiss Sports Physical Therapy Association (Sportfisio) member. Our services are covered by the Swiss health insurances (Cassa Malati).

We remain at your disposal for any further information; please don’t hesitate to contact us for additional assistance (we speak Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish).